Novawinch Winches

A introduction to the Novawinch brand and history.

Novawinch Logo

‘NOVAWINCH’ is family owned company that have been producing winches since 1997, both for worldwide distribution as well as being one of the largest manufacturers supplying large government bodies, with recent military contracts being awarded.
Initially Novawinch produced winches as a sub-contractor to many major winch manufacturers under the strict manufacturing constraints, namely: Ramsey, Warn, Superwinch and others. Novawinch have, for a long time, also supplied to many major re-sellers where their products were re-branded and sold as independent product lines.
During 2018, a management decision was made to promote the Novawinch name worldwide and cease re-branding their products for re-sellers to benefit from. Head over to either their electric and hydraulic range for further details and specifications.

Novawinch 24v Electric winch
Electric Winches

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